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  • What are Eternity Roses?
    Concrete Gold Eternity Roses that authenically come from the lush, and vibrant rose field of Ecuador. Each rose is carefully picked and cultivated until it reaches full bloom. The color is removed using a non- toxic bleach and treated with natural oils. The formula is similar to silica and effectively dehydrates the roses to help preserve them. Once the dehydration process is over, the vibrant colors from into our luxious collection.
  • Do Eternity Roses really last a year?
    Utilizing the process above, and with proper care, you are able to enjoy them longer than a year.
  • Am I able to create a custom order?
    Yes, Concrete Gold offers a range of styles, boxes and collections to give you the style to fit your possibilities.
  • Where did Concrete Gold Eternity Rose Collection come from?
    Our Eternity Rose Collection was created to exemplify love and gratitude, two things Concrete Gold symbolizes. Combining uniqueness and skill, a product that will last more than an entire year.
  • How long does my order take?
    All arrangements are made to order. Each order is hand made and takes up to 7 business days to create
  • Do you offer rush delivery?
    Yes, we offer 2 day rush shipping for an addittion 65$.
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