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Community +Collaboration + Culture = Impact 

Concrete Gold Lifestyle is expanding to gain a studio headquarter in which will serve as a safe space for creators , providing equitable resources to our community as we pay it forward. In addition to making an impact within our culture and youth through workshops, wellness, and quality education.

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Our Story & Impact 

Concrete Gold Lifestyle was founded in 2020 by owner Janelle Cole,  with the mission to improve and provide black women who are underserved the social and economic tools to understand and appreciate the value of art, community,  and collaborations. Growing up in the heart of Chicago, where there are many adversities being an innovative black woman, Janelle uses the reputation of a rose to resemble the transparency and beauty that we are taught to hide and not to embrace . " From the concrete, who knew a flower would grow", encourages women of color to advocate and advance in a culture where we are made to feel inadequate. Once given the exposure to fully bloom, black women become unstoppable. We are expanding to provide a safe studio space as we continue to collaborate and celebrate women of color by giving them their flowers and paying it forward while engaging a larger audience. Making an impact not only to our culture and community but also expanding to our youth, in which the adolescent years are where the core values and GRIT are introduced and practiced. Through creative expression and education, our youth will be less likely to fall victim of gun violence, which is dominating force in Chicago where youth are actively everyday victims. Our studio space will also be extended to the youth, where we will bridge the gap between juveniles and recidivism.

As we continue to be a rose through adversities in one of the most innovative cities, Chicago, we will pay it forward within our expansion in the creative arts and education community. Please subscribe for upcoming details surrounding our upcoming studio space which is in the process of being renovated, workshops and events within our culture, as well as support our fully bloomed timeless roses that represent transformation and beauty. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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